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Services Rendered:
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Photography

As a result of our marketing efforts the Dreadlock Central website went from just a few visitors per month to now over 15,000 visitors per month. We’ve refined the website to be a fully automated client resource and intake machine. The system works by attracting new leads through search terms, capturing visitors attention and guiding them through the education process, and ultimately converting each visitor to a new lead via a detailed intake system. This system generates leads and paying clients 24/7 without any advertising. This includes the services we offer and also the courses we sell online!

Dreadlock Central provides healthy products, local services, and professional education for the dreadlock community at large. Their approach is highly effective for all hair textures. You can even learn how to start dreads with their training courses on How To Crochet Dreads with the Instant Locs Crochet Method. Or you can find the best dreadlock shampoos for healthy and happy hair! And finally, if you need professional help they also offer professional in home services to get your dreadlocks fixed up right.

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