Transforming a Digital Business Card into a Lead Magnet: An Accounting Website Overhaul

From Static to Strategic.

Our mission for this redesign was twofold:

1) Attract and convert accounting leads effectively
2) Give the old website a complete makeover

We evolved the client’s old static website from nothing more than a glorified business card into a freshly updated dynamic tool for sales, marketing, and lead conversion. This project showcases how a strategically designed website can redefine a small business’s online image, instill confidence, and become a powerful engine for attracting viewers and converting potential clients into paying customers.


Modernize the Brand: Revamp the website’s design to exude professionalism, aligning with Andrew’s image and visitor expectations. This includes creating a contemporary logo that resonates with the Worksmart Accounting brand.

Facilitate a User-Friendly Experience: Enhance navigation and easy accessibility of information for a seamless user experience, to align with the impression that working with the business will be equally as smooth and seamless.

Create and Enhance Content: Optimize content presentation to effectively showcase services, experience, and resources. This involves using compelling imagery, clear headings, bullet points, and section breaks for easy comprehension.

To Increase Conversions: Implement strategic buttons across the website to prompt visitors to take action, converting them from casual browsers to hot leads to paying clients. Ultimately boosting client acquisition and improving conversion rates.


Our efforts have collectively enhanced Andrew’s website performance, user engagement, and search engine visibility, leading to more inquiries and potential clients for his accounting business.


MODERN Web Design

Modernization is a crucial element for brand perception and user experience as it conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and ensures a seamless, visually appealing interaction, enhancing the overall impression of any business.


UPDATED Branding

We established a contemporary and memorable brand identity that resonates with Worksmart Accounting’s target audience. This is an important element, conveying relevance and trust, ultimately conveying congruence from the client’s point of view.


SEO & Analytics

Our SEO efforts improve website visibility, driving more traffic, and providing valuable insights to refine online strategy. Andrew now has real time analytics to view statistics of his website traffic.


We arranged a personalized photoshoot for Andrew to add that extra special touch. During the shoot, we captured images that showcase his professionalism and friendly personality, creating a visual representation of his approachable nature. These photos establish a more authentic feeling of working with a real genuine person, allowing Andrew to stand out from the typical generic stock photos you’ll see on some websites. By infusing trustworthiness and approachability into his brand, we help visitors feel more confident and comfortable engaging with Andrew’s accounting services.

Modern Web Design


1. Discovery Phase: We began by thoroughly understanding the client’s goals, target audience, and unique value proposition.

2. Content Development: We crafted engaging and informative content tailored to the business’s target audience, highlighting services and expertise while also addressing solutions that the Worksmart Accounting offers to resolve their clients pain points.

3. Design and Branding: We created a modern and visually appealing web design and logo that aligns with the client’s brand identity, conveying trust, professionalism, and congruence.

4. Seamless User Experience: We focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it extremely easy for visitors to navigate the website and find the information they need.

5. SEO Optimization: We implemented SEO best practices and analytics to ensure the website ranks well on search engines and also measures and reports website traffic.


In conclusion, our website redesign for Worksmart Accounting achieved our objectives. The website’s modern look, user-friendly design, organized and targeted content, and strategic elements significantly improved his website visitors experience and strengthened Andrew’s brand and perception.

Brand Perception

We rebuilt Andrews website from scratch giving him a much improved online perception.


Andrew approaches potential clients with a newfound confidence, knowing he has a strong online presence and higher credibility.

Higher Conversions

Andrew’s website is now a conversion powerhouse, driving more interactions and business opportunities.

TRAFFIC Analytics

Established Analytics are accessible to monitor website traffic and performance and keep a finger on the pulse of Andrew’s website.


“The entire process was very smooth, and I really appreciated how Colby took his time going over the design with me. Results speak for themselves, and since launch of the new website, web traffic has increased over 200%! Hands down the best decision I made for the growth my business to date!

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