Logo Design Portfolio:

Wholesome Handmade Aesthetics.

For Eden Doughnuts Cafe, the logo design was all about capturing the handcrafted, organic essence of their doughnuts and baked goods. We used earth tones for that wholesome, grounded feel and threw in a bit of cleverness with wheat elements adding depth. The rings, reminiscent of coffee stains, give a nod to those relaxed cafe moments, while the pastel shades bring to mind the softness of fresh dough. It’s a visual taste of the care and authenticity that goes into their treats.

Dreadlock Central logo

Professional yet Alternative Branding.

We placed great importance on making Dreadlock Central’s logo sync up with their vibe of “Natural Dreadlocks for the Professional World.” The idea was to make it easily recognizable, whether it’s big or small, on a business card or a billboard. We went for a look that blends the earthy, natural feel with a slick, professional edge, so it pops and sticks in your mind, no matter where you see it.

The Salon on a Mountainside.

For the “Mountain Style Salon” logo, we brought the essence of the salon, the mountains, and the business name into a single, cohesive design. The mountain imagery doubles as a representation of the salon’s sturdy foundation, while the hairdressing tools rising above the peaks emphasize the salon focus. We kept it straightforward yet visually appealing, perfectly fitting for a salon that’s as enduring as the mountains around it.

A Logo Flowing Through Water.

In the logo for H2Oasis Water Features, the subtlety is key—it whispers rather than shouts. We’ve fused the essence of waterfalls and ponds through a clever use of color and design, creating a visual that’s as refreshing and inviting as the water features they create. It strikes the perfect balance, being simple yet bold without feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

A Logo Carved from Stone.

For Eden Valley Landscaping’s logo, we took the signature elements of their work—pergolas and patios—and wove them into the design. This highlights their expertise in creating elegant outdoor spaces. The orange flame is introduced as a single vibrant pop of color to represent the warmth and energy they bring to their projects. 

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